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895 Society Requires Force


Society is only achieved through the use or threat of force. People don't protect you because they like you; they protect you because society has carefully allocated force: some of us are armed to make sure nobody steals from you or extorts you, and keeps the area around your home & business safe. Unfortunately, many people take society, and the safety it provides, for granted, and do not recognize the role force plays. They fall into two camps: those who think they can live insular lives without sharing their good fortune with those around them, and those who assume everyone will share equally if just indoctrinated to do so.

To the first group, many of which call themselves Libertarians, are the equivalent of free-riders; they don’t understand that the streets, utilities & police aren't just something they can pay for; that there’s an implied mutual benefit contract with all of the people who provide that infrastructure. Thinking they can exploit the value of others anytime they want simply with money is naive. The second group is equally naive: they think indoctrination and brainwashing will create a society of equality & justice. These folks seem to have no understanding that all people don’t share the same values, and must be forced to do so. It takes force to make any kind of society work, some more than others.

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