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894 Anarchy


For some reason, anarchy appeals to a lot of people, mostly the young who imagine themselves climbing to top of the chaotic heap because they're bold, strong, and have nothing to lose. Both extremes of Libertarians and Egalitarians think anarchy, combined with either radical individualism for the former or radical communitarianism for the latter, will somehow work; all they have to do is be left alone. But no one ever leaves anyone alone if they can take their stuff. Anarchists are blind like that; they don't understand that people only don’t rob you because of the consequences, or because someone with a gun is standing between them and danger. The reality is that anarchists need a military & armaments & biological weapons to defend themselves, just like before, except now there's anarchy.

For entertainment's sake, imagine all the anarchists were put on a desert island with some Somalia militiamen for 24 hours, and everybody is given supplies and even some gold, and told to leave each other alone. Everybody also gets machine guns & night-vision googles. My prediction is that there will be a lot fewer of both at the end, but I'd put my money on the Somalis because they have more experience with anarchy.

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