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893 Imperial Presidency


Extreme partisanship in a split congress, one with endless phony investigations, where a president is impeached for purely political reasons, and biased news is nothing but a relentless drumbeat of negativity, has devolved into a farce of a government. Starting with Obama; if he was to have any hope of leading the country, since he couldn’t get any of his legislative agenda passed, he resorted to using Executive Orders, which are presidential decrees. Past presidents had been reticent to use Executive Orders because they could be easily abused, but Obama had no other choice. However, the problem with exploiting loopholes while you're in power is that eventually the other side will get into power, and they always take the distortion to the next level.

When Trump came into office, he started his presidency with a flurry of Executive Orders, but when that was not enough, he exercised another underutilized presidential power, the National Emergency. If one president builds a wall with a National Emergency, the next will certainly declare a Climate Change National Emergency; and just think of the draconian lockdowns during the next COVID National Emergency. The two sides no longer negotiate anymore, and probably never will again; so future presidents will have to execute Executive Orders or declare National Emergencies instead; the basis of a coming Imperial Presidency.

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