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890 Universal Morals


Right & wrong, as determined by The Law, are the only morals we uniformly accept; anything further is up to the individual. Morals are also subject to democracy so what was moral for one generation can be immoral to another; and morals differ in different societies. However, many people insist that morals are universal; specifically, their morals; that’s called Western moral arrogance. Your morals mean nothing to other cultures, and certainly do not apply to history; however much you think they should.

Often slavery is brought up as universally immoral, or murder, or pedophilia. Greece & Rome were pedophilia-centric;were they immoral? And if so, how is that measured? Certainly not by their success as empires which lasted thousands of years, nor as examples of modernity because that's where most of Western enlightenment came from, including democracy. In fact, history has more slavery than not; was everyone up until 200 years ago immoral? Homosexuality is accepted in many cultures; ours included, but not 30 years ago. Now, even causing offense could be prison-worthy; as it is in Canada. Calling someone’s culture immoral usually leads to deadly conflict, which seems like the most immoral thing of all.

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