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883 One-Issue Voting


For anyone who's ever voted, trying to decide on a candidate is impossible given the limited information; that's why attractive candidates have the edge; but how can an ugly candidate get elected? Many adopt the tactic of being identified with a single issue, like Pro Life. This is often a successful strategy because no matter what else another candidate may propose, no matter how qualified, talented or experienced they are, if they are on the other side of the One Issue, they're not getting those votes, period. There's both pro and con One Issue voters; those who will vote for because of it, and those who vote against because of it. In many local elections, being on the wrong side of the One-Issue dooms any candidacy, and knowing which side to be on is an exquisite balancing act. Unfortunately, the One Issue may not be something the candidate can choose; often the One Issue is being female, ethnic or young.

The two political parties can also be distinguished by One Issues. For example, can you be a Republican candidate for any office if you believe in Wealth Redistribution? Can you be a Democrat candidate for any office if you support the status quo? The most ironic thing about One Issues is that they never come up in actual fact; the person elected never gets to vote on them, or even contribute to the dialog in any meaningful way. That politician was elected on a farce, which makes them a farce. One Issue voting is just another depressing example proving the futility of democracy.

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