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881 Democracy Fetishers


Because Egalitarianism, the equality crowd, hasn't yet taken over America, people are still forced to recognize that all men may be born equal but we doesn't force them to stay that way; meaning the only thing that is equal is your vote, and in a Republic, even that isn't equal. This is why egalitarians have turned democracy into a fetish, because they obtain all of their power from the fact that their opinion, as expressed in their vote, has the exact same value as someone who is objectively better than them. Democracy is the root cause of the losers versus winners dynamic that defines American politics. Whereas libertyists see democracy as a flawed but effective way to make decisions in a diverse nation, egalitarians view it as a way to force their ideology onto everyone.

And, of course, there's a World Democracy Index, obviously prepared by egalitarians, that purports to rank nations democracy from a series of 60 questions, and the U.S. is 25th in their rankings, making us a “Flawed Democracy,” ranking far below the egalitarian nations like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark & Ireland. (Democracy must come naturally to really white people.) But America does rank a couple spots above Botswana.

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