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877 Anarcho-Communist


There are some strange hyphenated political ideologies people claim to be; for example, a Libertarian-Socialist is the ultimate oxymoron since it combines the two extremes of the Left-Right political spectrum; where radical individualism and radical authoritarianism meet together in a circle. Such a label is rhetorical gibberish, and nothing more than extreme selfishness; people who want society to do everything for them but owe nothing in return. An Anarcho-Communist is essentially the same thing.

Anarcho-Communist currents have been around since the English and French Civil wars in the 17th century, and even established anarchist territories during the Spanish and Russian Revolutions, then again in North Korea. They were all quickly taken over by real Communists because of the obvious weakness of anarchy to defend itself against organized attack. Anarcho-Communists wear black balaclavas to hide their identities as they riot against any kind of coherently expressed ideology: when they break store windows, they are Anti-Fascists, when they throw Molotov cocktails, they are Anti-Globalists; and if they weren't wearing masks, everyone would be able to tell what dorks they are.

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