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876 #walkaway


As the Democrat party radicalizes more and more towards egalitarianism, authoritarianism, even Communism; the people left behind are one-by-one recognizing they no longer fit into the ideology; but it's difficult to leave what is essentially a religion, so spontaneously, a support group popped up called #walkaway, where people post videos of themselves explaining their reasons for leaving the Democrat party. It's eerily similar to AA meetings, and serves much the same purpose of providing moral support during a time of turmoil & angst.

The problem is, the apostates are left with no representation, since neither side of the political divide considers them their ally. This is perhaps the biggest weakness of a 2-Party system because democracy is used to stabilize society, but it only works if the vast majority of people feel they at least had their say. The number of #walkawayers could become significant; either the Republican party expands its umbrella to include them, or they regain control of the Democrat party, or there will be consequences, because these are just the people who won't wait around to be Disappeared when one of the sides eventually takes over.

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