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871 Incompetents


10% of the population, that's people with an IQ lower than 86, are incurable incompetents who will fail spectacularly if left to their own devices. They can’t even enlist in the military because they require too much oversight. Most incompetent people don’t graduate from High School, and many of the ones that do, shouldn’t have. Plus, a lot of people get incompetent as they get older. The big problem is that our society is getting more and more complicated, and incompetents have no place to go except Welfare or the streets. As it turns out, in a society as productive as ours, 10% is 30-50 million people in American that cannot produce more than they consume, however, it's small enough to ignore, which is what we do.

Everybody working would be a far better solution for social stability reasons, but these people are not competent enough to do anything worth paying for, and the only jobs they could have done were “Free” Traded away; there's not nearly enough jobs at the Salvation Army or any charitable organization. Incompetent people require such heavy supervision that it's not cost effective to keep them, so of course, any business would get rid of them. That’s the problem: incompetent people consume more time & effort than they’re worth if you’re just talking economics. There would have to be incentives to businesses that agreed to take care of them, but then up pops the Living Wage argument that demonizes employers who do this; stalemate on conscientious behavior. The egalitarian Left exists because of the difficulty of incorporating incompetent people into a modern society.

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