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870 Drink Coke, Sleep Under Your Desk


Ambition is the spark of business but capability & commitment are close seconds; and all three are supercharged by testosterone. This explains why almost all scions of business are male because it's all about the status & power, from which comes the attention of females, propagating a line of human beings with ambition, capability & commitment, who eventually walked on the moon. Evolution knew what it was doing.

On a more personal scale, I witnessed this phenomena as a computer programmer and termed it “drink coke, sleep under your desk” because during an all-nighter, there would always be at least a couple young male programmers getting some sleep curled up under their desk; and invariably there would be a forest of empty Coke cans on top. Predictably, there would never be any females under their desks but evolution had them at home with the future ambitious, capable & committed children. Successful societies rewards this kind of synergy; it's what makes them lucky.

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