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866 Everyone's a Slave


Everybody's a slave: conscientiousness is the yoke, and personal attachments are the chains; obligations are just as binding as cold iron. There are all kinds of slavery: you're a slave to your family, a slave to your job, and certainly a slave to your responsibilities. It's not just metaphorical, there are also tangible measurements of slavery: how big is your Student Loan debt? How many more years do you have to serve in the military? When do the Child Support payments end?


We're slaves held in velvet handcuffs: a monthly cable television bill and payments for a nice car, who eat so much we have to lose weight, with soft beds we can't sleep in due to anxiety. One of the disgraces of traditional slavery was the exploitation of sex, but that hasn't changed, just the whip has; and most people have no control over their lives; government or business or society orders them what to do. The gifts of modernity are still slavery wrapped in a different package. We know because people who subconsciously recognize their slavery exhibit what Nietzsche termed “slave morality,” a perversity-based egalitarianism; just looking at the rising popularity of ideologies like feminism, environmentalism, intersectionality, and even blatant Marxism; it's obvious that slavery is as endemic as it ever has been.

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