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863 Racism Concepts


The concept of racism definitely needs review:

  1. Stereotypes are racist but so is everything else.

  2. Intersectionality is the idea that some people are owed based on past grievances.

  3. Your Intersectionality Score determines your place in the grievance hierarchy based on traits you have no control over – kind of like racism.

  4. The new definition of racism doesn't include the actual racists.

  5. All things can be considered racist if you stare at them long enough.

  6. Time is racist because why wouldn't it be?

  7. Reparations are reverse slavery.

  8. The new view of racism is the opposite of color blind.

  9. If there really are such things as Nazis, I've never met one.

  10. White Nationalists are like Black Nationalists, except they're white.

  11. Get woke, what a joke.

  12. The diversity gods require that you worship them with pledges & oaths.

You may get your news somewhere else but take your advice from me, the Wysest Myn in the Wyrld.

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