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861 Wokeness


Wokeness was made popular by Black Lives Matter during the last decade. It's supposed to be applied to Whites who acknowledge their racist guilt and wallow in self-loathing because of it. It's not a quest for knowledge or redemption; Whites don't get points for consciousness of their wokeness; in fact, their very mention of how woke they are is deemed cultural appropriation. The idea is to get woke and shut-up about it then submit to any race-hustler scheme that would make things more equal; like diversity hires, affirmative action and, of course, reparations.

Unfortunately, being woke has become fashionable among young people: for example, MTV News identified it as a key teen slang word for 2016; and there's an acclaimed movie, “Dear White People,” that even had a followup TV show. Then there’s the whole Colin Kaepernick debacle, the NFL quarterback turned woketivist, who started kneeling during the national anthem. Nike even pulled an image of the Betsy Ross flag off of it's shoe honoring America's independence; the reason being that it was racist because it was around during slavery. Being “woke” is The Left's rebuttal to getting “red-pilled,” except it's poisonous.

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