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859 Are There Really Nazis?


The word "Nazi" has entered the realm of Oral Illusions as a way to control a narrative. I've never met a Nazi of any kind. When Antifa doxxed a couple supposedly Neo-Nazis near where I live, I emailed them to see if they would join my political forum, and tell me what it was they are thinking? But they never responded after multiple attempts, so I don't know how real that was; they were probably imaginary Nazis. I've also heard of White Nationalists, and White Supremacists, but those groups just seem like boogeymen; I don’t know any, and I’ve never talked to any either.

Conversely, I can get onto Facebook and find a Marxist in just a few minutes. Those people are real and they are very dangerous. Many dress up as Antifa; in fact, I think they are Antifa; and they do commit violence; yet I have seen "Nazi" applied literally hundreds of times to non-violent people who look and think like me, therefore I must be a Nazi too. Apparently “Nazi” is the N-word for liberty-minded white males, in which case I embrace my Nazihood, and understand why Antifa who would come to my house to hurt me. And if there are any real Nazis, you're welcome to come over to my house too, so that I can see you actually exist, and to explain your ideology to me. Caution: if you're not firm in your understanding of what you’re for, I’ve been known to convince people to my way of thinking; you probably won't walk away a Nazi.

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