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856 Time is Racist


The All Things R Racist category now includes the concepts of “on time” and “time efficiency.” Apparently, the very idea that a person should use their time wisely and productively is a creation of Whites. According to diversity training guidelines, expecting people from other cultures to show up on time is racist, and chastising them for being late is oppressive. In fact, the claim goes so far as to insist that white people own time; that the concept of time comes out of histories of European thought. Apparently time is an unwanted cultural appropriation.

I’ve traveled a lot and I can attest that many other cultures do not hold as high an appreciation of time as I do: everything is dirty, trash is everywhere, and no one feels any urgency toward repairs so nothing works, certainly not something as complicated as a flush toilet. In the spirit of equality, as penance for forcing time management onto other races, instead Whites should slow down, or better yet, as reparations, become the time slaves of those who they been oppressing time after time.

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