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852 Intersectionality


The fundamental ideological split in politics, any politics, anywhere, is the winners vs. losers of the status quo; it's a simple fact that half the population will benefit from taking from the other half. Few people want to state it as blatantly as that because it warns those from who the taking will occur, so instead, language is distorted and conclusions are assumed; the biggest one being that we all should be equal. Of course, that's not true, but people who would benefit from that assumption immediately start proposing solutions, all of which are eventually discredited, like Communism. But new ways to wrap the old egalitarian package continually pop up; the newest is called Intersectionality.

Intersectionality proposes that a person's identity consists of multiple, intersecting factors: gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, weight, height, appearance, and any other distinguishing characteristic that one feels is causing others to have some kind of control over them, usually in the form of discrimination; that discrimination is the reason there isn't equality, and oppression is the way the inequality is maintained. Intersectionality assumes things would be naturally equal except for exploitation by privileged people of oppressed people, and even claims to be able to analytically measure that oppression and use the score to triage corrective measures; such as affirmative action, diversity quotas & reparations. From those to those until equality is achieved, with the intersectionalists deciding what & when that is.

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