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851 Stereotypes


Jews are smart; Mexicans work hard; Asians persevere. Stereotypes are good more often than they aren't, and the impression only lasts for the first minute anyway, then the person underneath comes through. Preconceptions are how the human brain works; an oak tree is an icon in your head; you know it will lose its leaves in the winter without waiting for it to happen. How could we, as humans with all the myriad information we are presented with every single second, possibly operate without stereotypes; and since other people are our most important interactions, and there's a lot of them, stereotypes are invaluable as lubrication in a polite & courteous society; whether it be about culture, sex, religion, body, beauty or origin. The few things, like skin color, that don't mean anything and tend towards discrimination, can easily be singled out and discouraged in childhood.

I'm an old, white, male, and am treated like one the instant someone meets me for the first time. Some people on The Left immediately emanate a feeling of disgust bordering on hate, and they don't even know me; they are working off their stereotype. Yet these are the same people who disclaim & condemn the stereotypes I may have about them. The hypocrisy is overwhelming, and must be pushed-back against. Here's the deal: I won't care about your stereotype of me as long as you don't act on it negatively, and vice versa.

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