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850 Business Environment Concepts


What things in the business environment need review?

  1. Modern Monetary Theory is a non-modern theory that money is imaginary.

  2. The Money Supply can't be measured because it’s unlimited.

  3. There hasn't been much devaluation of the dollar because the alternative currencies are worse.

  4. Negative interest rates force people to spend their money or to invest.

  5. Without profit motive, society would be farming with oxen.

  6. Stock buybacks are a completely corrupt method of manipulating the Stock Market.

  7. Public-Private Partnerships are mostly private; the public just pays for it.

  8. When did business & politics ever mix that it turned out okay?

  9. Small Business can't save money so why should Big Business be able to?

  10. It's better for society to subsidize employees than simply pay them Welfare.

  11. Professional licensing is little more than gatekeeping for the benefit those already licensed.

  12. “Made In China” needs to go back to having a bad reputation.

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