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849 Made In China


China's stated national policy is “One Sun,” meaning they want to be the World's leader. They don't have the military might but they do know how to exploit the inherent greed of Capitalism. There's a reason the U.S. always had cold relations with China, because a Communist-dictatorship is as far from liberty as it gets, but of all the disastrous policies implemented by president Clinton, opening trade relations with China topped the list. How could China possible make things so much cheaper without exploiting something? The fact that their debt is almost 4x their GNP is the first hint: China uses the power of imaginary money to subsidize its exports. This ends up concentrating all manufacturing to them, including strategic supplies like drugs, medical equipment, and essential computer parts, so that China is the only source. And they require that foreign manufacturers, like Apple, surrender any intellectual secrets. Also, unlike the West, China doesn't allow foreigners to own property or business: China is for the Chinese. Contrarily, China is buying up oil fields and shipping ports in the U.S.

Trade with China is a timebomb about to go off, stopping trade with them, but American manufacturers can make anything we need, and there is plenty of cheap land and unemployed people in the Fly-over States. The happy result being, Walmart quits buying the widget from China and instead buys it from an American company for a few cents more, while paying American workers and American taxes; and to ensure international Market Forces keep prices in check; India, Japan & SE Asia are waiting in the wings.

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