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836 Why is the News Irrational?


The almost total bias of the MSM is irrational, especially the ridiculous overstatements, unsourced hoaxes, and inane claims of foreign interference in elections. It wasn't like this 20 years ago; what happened? This is a result of the successful strategy of The Left to take over the narrative. It was mostly hidden, a subtle boiling of the frog, because the prevailing ideology was liberty, older people still espoused liberty, laws are based on liberty, and liberty had the inertia, so letting the cat out of the bag too soon would have doomed their goal of making equality paramount over liberty; but then they got royally triggered.

The momentum of egalitarianism seemed unstoppable, it's success almost assured with Hillary Clinton running for president, and it was icing on the cake that Donald Trump, a stooge in their eyes, was the nominee against their sure thing. They were arrogantly dismissive, already celebrating & joking, but when Trump won, the joke was on them, the schadenfreude was overwhelming; cognitive dissonance set it, and irrationally ensued.

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