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834 YouTube Political Personalities


Since watching broadcast news is both boring and even uninformative due to the extreme bias, many people have switched to watching news aggregaters on YouTube. The most prominent are journalist Tim Pool, of TimCast, commentator Tarl Warwick, under the name Styxhexenhammer666, and author Scott Adams, as in “Coffee With.” Their audiences are mostly men judging from the thousands of comments under each of their videos, usually at least 2 per day. All three are also Old School liberals, who have an audience of Old School liberals that have no place to go since The Left has gotten so extreme.

Their ideology is important because you can trust their judgment to separate the hundreds of news stories they must sift through to determine fact or fiction, and especially identify the hoaxes. None are biased in the way the MSM is; if anything, they all seem apologetic for not taking an editorial stand on most issues, which leaves their reporting feeling wishy-washy, but they're clear on what they think are obvious misstatements and falsehoods. Most of their followers probably only listen to the first couple minutes of each video, enough to get the gist, then form their own conclusions and move on. The amazing thing is how someone with only a cellphone can influence national politics through honesty, work ethic & self-awareness.

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