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Russia-Today, the Russian government-funded news program, was renamed “RT,” presumably to obscure the Russia connection after all the bad Trump press. It was created in 2005 and broadcasts in 5 languages, English being the most influential, and even has some content local to the regions they operate in. They have had some excellent, intelligent shows, including: Chris Hedges, Larry King, Jesse Ventura, Julian Assange, Ed Schultz, and other high-profile personalities from both political parties; made even more impressive because of the Russia-connection stigma.

Curious, I watched some RT on YouTube; first thing I noticed was the big warning tacked onto the bottom of their videos by YouTube, "financed by the Russian government." It was a typical news show interview of a Venezuela-apologist explaining the failure of Venezuela's socialism was mostly due to the U.S. In fact, the guest said most of the problems in South America are intentionally caused by the U.S. The female RT host seemed quite based; she pushed back against the guest's narrative, undermining most of what he said. My impression was that RT is more news-like than any U.S. MSM sources are now.

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