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When Ted Turner created CNN at the dawn of the Cable age, it was a tedious 24-hour loop of the same truncated news stories. However, the genius of its marketing was the idea of monopolizing airports; airports carry the mystique of sophistication & glamour, and CNN's legitimacy was established. Decades ago, it was “the most trusted name in news,” but, oh, how the mighty have fallen. Now CNN is the NewSpeak equivalent of “news,” in that it's anything but news. Everything CNN reports on is so politically biased, it's humorous. It's news anchors are caricatures of reality TV stars. It's reporting is so dystopian that it seems unreal & frightening.

CNN is the epitome of so-called fake news; stories that are intentionally misinterpreted, or completely made up. and they often make the news about themselves. The excuse given for CNN's obvious and complete lack of objectivity is that they “get clicks” or “eyeballs” or some other new-tech word for viewership, but CNN had a 25% decline in viewership year-to-year since Trump. What company would keep doing that? Retaining Jeff Zucker as president of CNN makes no sense? They've got to be controlled by an anti-Trump cabal, or possible a foreign interest, or maybe Communists; certainly it's not Capitalists; Capitalists wouldn't be so inept?

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