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About a decade ago I watched Fox News because they had a perspective that was being ignored by the other news channels, though it was biased and obviously pandered to men; its cutesy female anchors provided some kind of sex fantasy that made its success both frightening & embarrassing. At the time, the age of their average viewer was 68, and now it's 65, with by far the most cable news viewers and almost all of the Top 10 program slots. Back then, “Faux” News was a laughingstock, but all MSM news is faux now, so-much-so that Fox News seems mild in comparison. In fact, a third of Americans think Fox News is the only honest source of news; my white-bread pappy's arguments are Fox News' arguments. The fact that their most successful anchor today, Tucker Carlson, is an old-school liberal; makes their claim of being “fair and balanced” seem appropriate.

It was interesting to watch Fox News go from being Never Trump to Trump cheerleading. First they dumped their CEO, then their Trump-hating analysts, and even a couple prominent News anchors. However, there's still Trump-hating going on at Fox as part of their “balanced” claim. The Fox News YouTube channel, which is where most young people get their news, shows clips of Tucker and other bite-size highlights, and has millions of views. Who sits and watches TV anymore? Fox News can be expected to continue its dominance as long at they are the seemingly only voice on The Right.

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