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830 Witch Hunts


The early politics in America had episodes of extreme political vitriol, malevolence & rancor, bordering on hysteria, where the attempted savaging of an individual's reputation was considered just part of the process. Accusing people of the most heinous of things: being murderers, rapists, and witches; was not uncommon. This appetite for destruction has again been normalized. The modern era of witch hunting began with the investigation of all things Clinton, but went supernova during the Trump presidency, facilitated at the highest levels of government: the FBI, CIA, and of course in the U.S. House of Representatives. The clangorous call for heads mostly comes from the MSM, which is now extremely partisan. The once-venerable NYT and WaPo have become little more than smear merchants.

Witch hunts start by finding some salacious or offensive conduct from a person's past then treating it as if it happened yesterday. Decades-old allegations should be ignored, even if they're true; nobody is the person they were, and times have changed. The law recognizes that delayed investigations are vindictive; that's why the Statute of Limitations exists. A prime example is the witch hunting of Supreme Court justice Brent Kavanaugh; there were a lot of lawyers on both sides but every single one of them chose to view truth based on their party affiliation. If either person's story had any relevance, doesn't it seem likely that folks would have differing views no matter which party? What makes it so hypocritical is that when the presidential candidate of the other political party was accused of sexual misconduct, including supporting evidence, the same people flat out said, “I believe her but I'm voting for him anyway.”

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