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816 Free Market Healthcare


Healthcare consumers can be divided into three groups: those who can afford it and don't really care how it's provided as long as they get the best; then there's those who can't afford it and want the government to provide it as long as they get the best; and lastly, Free Market types who would be willing to shop around. These are mostly self-employed people not covered by an insurance plan because they are too expensive. Free Markets are typified by price transparency, meaning you know up front what you're going to pay with no unexpected charges. Because of the nature of your health, that requirement best applies to treatments with a predictable process, like surgery, that are also traditionally very expensive, so the savings are worth the inconvenience of traveling someplace else.

The Free Market Medical Association is a prime example of how this works in practice with their multi-decade record of low prices with excellent outcomes. They don't take insurance, not that they wouldn’t but insurers won’t take them. Insurance is one big pricing scam, as evidenced by how the stocks of those companies soared upon passage of Obamacare then cratered upon the issuance of the Executive Order from the White House for Price Transparency. The transparency requirement is the first step in unwinding the too-cozy relationship between government and their crony healthcare industry. State regulations that prevent Free Market healthcare also have to be overcome for it to gain wide acceptance, so you wouldn't have go to Oklahoma City to get treatment.


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