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814 Is Healthcare a Right?


The battle over healthcare centers on whether it's a Right or a voluntary market transaction? Some people try to make the distinction that since it's not enumerated in The Constitution, it's not a Right, but that's an unsophisticated assumption; there are many Rights not explicitly spelled out in The Constitution but have been “constructed” by the Supreme Court, and many more Rights that are instantiated through legislation, and enforced by the law; for example, primary education of children is a “right.” The reality is healthcare became a right in 1986 with the EMTALA Act: if someone comes to the Emergency Room and requests care, the hospital is forced to provide it, that's the very definition of a positive right.

Since healthcare is a Right, it should be paid for out of the General Fund, like the military and judicial system, that all taxpayers pay for, not like Medicare which only Working-People pay for. Also, since heathcare's a positive Right, it's de facto socialism and the principle of "most good to the most people" applies. It all boils down to that government should be paying for healthcare, and everyone should be able to get it, and this concept doesn't preclude Free Market healthcare for those who want special treatment. Conservative Americans are not fans of positive Rights because of the opportunity for abuse and the lack of responsibility, but healthcare has already climbed onto the list of Rights, and should be treated accordingly.


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