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812 Parental Rights


The Rights of parents are not specifically mentioned in The Constitution; instead relying on the Parental Rights Doctrine, giving parents the right to raise their children without government interference, unless proven unfit. It's a history of legal precedent where parents were assumed to be the best caretakers for their children, and had a fundamental right to direct their upbringing and education. Parental Rights are also accompanied by responsibly, specifically parents are legally responsible for their children's actions, civil and criminal.

Parental Rights held sway up until this century when the Supreme Court began allowing States, and even individual judges, to apply their own rules over children. This has degenerated into America having a patchwork of Parental Rights States: 11 with an actual statute protecting Parental Rights, and 19 requiring “strict scrutiny” when those Rights are threatened in court; leaving a lot of States whose egalitarian impulses could supersede, and even abolish, Parental Rights. The traditional family unit definitely requires responsible behavior on everybody's part, but unfortunately, there is no longer anywhere where these skills are taught, since feminist ideology has removed the burden from women so that in many instances The State is forced to step in to be the parent, further eroding Parental Rights.


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