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810 Capitalism vs. Rights


Modern technology combined with authoritarian impulses and lack of regulations has dealt more of a blow to personal rights than any government agency because just about every Right enumerated in The Constitution can be trampled by saying a business is “private;” any amount of bias, censorship & discrimination is acceptable; made possible by the intrigues of Capitalism. Capitalism is not the cause but it is the mechanism of subverting rights because it allows bad-actors to gain ownership of public functions: like news, higher education, entertainment & technology. Foreign Nations, whose interests are contrary to America's, have gained control of these highly influential, propaganda producing conduits of information & opinion, and in combination with sympathetic ideological partisans in America, pose an existential threat to our tenuously held rights.

People assume Capitalism acts as it does to “make more money,” but money isn't the cause of business interfering with our rights: credit card companies aren’t denying payment processing because they’ll make more money; Sporting goods stores didn’t stop selling guns to 18-year olds because they’ll make more money; Google isn’t changing search results to make more money; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. don’t deplatform people to make more money. These are cases where Capitalism isn't used to make money, but instead to suppress rights.


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