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808 Imaginary Rights


There are the rights you have in the law, mostly the right to be left alone, but that's not enough for a lot of people who insist there is a plethora of imaginary rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 30 rights imagined by the United Nations in 1948, is primarily egalitarian, without a hint personal responsibility; no people reaping the rewards or suffering the consequences of their own actions.

Of course, the first Human Right is “all human beings are free and equal,” because equality at the expense of merit is the touchstone of Leftist ideology. The next Human Right focuses on discrimination, all types imaginable, from the pov of those who claim to be discriminated against. Next are a bevy of Rights that were probably taken from the U.S. Constitution: life, property, freedom from slavery, no torture, privacy, religion, speech, expression, assembly, democracy, education, marriage & progeny, equality before the law, innocent until proven guilty, etc. Predictably, their “Freedom of Movement” is Open Borders. Welfare also figures prominently in these Rights, with multiculturalism & extended holidays specifically mentioned. How the United Nations intends to enforce these Rights is not made clear since there is no mention of an army or police force of any kind, yet Right number 30 expressly states that these imaginary Rights cannot be taken away, so who's going to stop that from happening?


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