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730 TED Talks


TED Talks, short for Technology, Entertainment & Design, are a phenomenon not unlike the New Age craze, but subtler about their indoctrination. They are incredibly popular and usually include pre & post events like a night-time run, and champagne party. They profess to be exemplary speakers from their highfalutin, specialized fields of study, or perhaps meta-humans passing their wisdom onto the vestige intelligence of the residual human species, but the reality is more a conflagration of self-congratulation, hero worship, and sanctimonious posturing. It's not a coincidence that the audience is almost entirely made up of a single political party.

The TED speakers probably consider themselves edgy, at least that's what you'd think by how they dress, and their constant cultural references are the height of cosmopolitan name-dropping, but the Political Correctness observed at these events in gestapo-like, and the uniformity of thought reminiscent of a cult. To make matters worse, there is a kind of TED event, called TEDx, where the speakers pay to be there, taking advantage of a captive audience who are not aware they are being sold snake oil. TED Talks are what happens when science tries to be popular.


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