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728 Chaos Theory & Quantum Physics


It's easy to confuse Chaos Theory with Quantum physics because the concept is the same but Chaos Theory predicts things that will happen while Quantum physics suggests things that can happen. They are both based on probabilities but Chaos Theory is deterministic, meaning that with given inputs, you know the time, place and size of the outputs. For example, the dynamics of steam is chaotic but it's predictable: know the volume and temperature, and the pressure can be calculated; yet what's really happening is that untold molecules are bouncing around randomly in a complex environment, no way to predict where any single one will go, but how all will go is predictable.

As a comparison: there's no place for Star Trek-like transporters in Chaos Theory because it's not predictable, but Quantum physics gots it covered... Almost. Quantum physics can only predict one out of two things: when but not where or where but not when; for example, you can say Dr. Spock is going to materialize in a certain place but you can't say when. This has got a lot of scientists scratching their heads and scribbling arcane math without much success, but when we know more how to control Quantum physics, you may be transportering soon, we just don't know where.


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