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714 Marxism Will Always Fail


Marxism is attractive to at least half the population, the half whose life is improved by forced sharing with the other, more successful, half. Plus, the vision Marx expresses is very similar to the afterlife described in Christianity which shares the age-old philosophy of: from those according to their ability, to those according to their need. This tenet also reverses control: those without can make demands on those who have. Power & riches without effort; no wonder Marxism spreads so easily. In reality, just like the Roman Empire continued as long as they conquered and took what they wanted; Marxism can only continue as long as there is extra capacity.

Capitalism works because it relies on the base human motivations of greed, avarice & control: a rising tide lifts all boats is their favorite metaphor, and it's true, but it's also in a negative feedback loop with the equally powerful base human motivations of envy, jealously & resentment; so Capitalism saw-tooths around some mutually acceptable compromise of feelings, and is relatively stable. Contrarily, Marxism will always fail because it depends on the passive human motivations of altruism, egalitarianism & sacrifice. Unfortunately, a person can always express more and more of these attributes in a positive feedback loop headed for self-destruction. This is not even considering the totalitarian aspect of Marxism that inevitably occurs when a base-emotion individual exploits the passive-emotion individuals. Nothing can stop either of these two things from eventually happening.


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