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Propaganda works... Bigtime. Propaganda can make masses of people believe a person rose from the dead or ride a flying horse. It doesn't make any difference if the idea is completely illogical or refuted by facts, keep saying that the aliens on the comet are coming to take you, and without rebuttal, people will drink the Kool-Aid. Our news sources have been completely compromised; the private companies who have control over disseminating information are infiltrated from the highest to the lowest levels. We can no longer believe what we're told, and have difficulty even determining what we can believe: online definitions change, search results are modified, knowledgeable personalities are banned, videos are edited; everything is suspect.

Why? Ideology, specifically Marxist ideology. Marxism is the concept of Equality: from those according to their ability, to those according to their need. Marxists are everywhere: the Feminist movement is Marxist, Black Lives Matter is Marxist, Identity Politics is Marxist, Environmentalism is Marxist, the UN is Marxist, etc. These people have taken control of the propaganda network, and collude to make the world Marxist. Equality is alluring and without a concerted effort to pushback and promote the American ideal of liberty in its stead, it will eventually win, for a while anyway.


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