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712 Marxist Philosophy vs. Implementation


Most people on The Left think Marxism is a taboo word, so deny that's what they are. However, when you compare the tenets of The Left: equality, justice, and democracy; those are the very foundations of Marxism: from those according to their ability, to those according to their need; the bourgeoisie are responsible to the proletariat for past injustices; and pure democracy. In response to this comparison, Leftists exclaim that since they don't want control of the factories, and people can own things, they can't be Marxists, but the tenets stand regardless of Karl Marx's naive proposed solutions..

The philosophy expressed by Marx is often conflated with his utopian implementation. Marx only suggested how his ideal world might operate: Workers would control the means of production is the most famous, but also citizen anarchy where no one is in charge and all decisions are made through democracy; and no one needs to own anything because everyone has everything through sharing. Communism is the direct descendant of Marxism but because of the frailties of human nature, Communism substitutes The State as controlling production and owning everything, and The State making all decisions rather than the citizens though the claim they are democratic because of compulsory voting, even if only one candidate is allowed to run. In a desperate attempt, Marxists look at these discrepancies and claim Communism isn't Marxism either; Marxism is their whatever their vision of utopia is.


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