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710 Millennial's Infatuation with Marxism


Marxism is not a new attraction: it finds acceptance among those whose expectations of their success in life collided with reality. In fact, from a purely practical, self-interested perspective, Marxism works to alleviate the envy of perhaps one generation, possibly two, before it begins its inevitable collapse due to going against human nature. If you are in that lucky first generation and are short-sighted or selfish enough to ignore the consequences then Marxism is quite appealing. Millennials, who's expectations were set by living with their Boomer parents, and are now living with 3 roommates sharing a cellphone plan, and working part-time as baristas if they even have a job, would probably see their lives materially improved under Equality.

Those organic food-shopping, bike-riding, App-using, marriage-eschewing snowflakes don't care how much better off they are than people in India. When they lived at home, their parents covered healthcare, lodging, and college tuition. They used to drive their dad's Mercedes and now all they have is this stupid 1-speed bicycle. Disillusioned entitlement is being confused for oppression, and now in these Post Modern times, there are so many cultural oppressions to choose from that Marxism seems certain to get a 51% voting block eventually, with Millennials leading the way.


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