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709 Post Modernism & Cultural Marxism


In all fields, what used to be called Modern happened long ago, so what is happening now is called Post Modern, and this has happened to Marxism too. Marxism's basic tenet is Equality: from those according to their ability, to those according to their need, where class used to be the fulcrum; upper classes oppressing lower classes, usually measured by economic disparity. Unfortunately for Marxists, the initial authoritarian implementations didn't work out, so they now have a democracy fetish. However, there just aren't enough people oppressed by class for a majority, so rather than class, the so-called Cultural Marxists are attempting to accumulate votes based on other kinds of oppression: race, gender, religion; pitting Blacks against Whites, women against men, Muslims against Christians.

Post Modernism's arsenal includes name-calling; the terms Nazi, Racist, Homophobic, Transphobic, etc., are indiscriminately hurled like mortars into public discourse. Another tactic is to make things subjective, thereby putting control into the hands of whoever claims it; the most obvious is Self-identifying, usually gender, but even race; you say you're a woman, you must be treated like a woman, including playing in women's sports, and the use of Women's bathrooms; anyone who disagrees is Transphobic. Another manifestation is the supposedly scientific Happiness literature used to support and justify the subjectivity of what makes people happy. Similar use of subjectivity is to claim that you find something offensive so it must be discontinued. There are also the imagined Micro-aggressions practiced by Whites against women and Blacks in their everyday speech and actions that only the receiver can recognize and therefore demand unilateral change. As a political strategy, the goal of Post Modernism & Cultural Marxism is to gain power through linguistics and subjectivity by exploiting the courtesy and passivity of the established order.


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