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708 Marxism Went Underground


When the Soviet Union fell, everyone assumed Marxism was defeated. Yes, China was still around but they didn't seem threatening at the time and were dabbling in Capitalism anyway, and the few pockets of Marxism remaining were otherwise inconsequential. Unfortunately, nobody was looking inwardly because in retrospect, Marxism went nowhere, it just rebranded, went underground, and bided its time while working feverishly to entrench itself as the most important influence in America, and they've succeeded; what German Leftists strategized as, “the long march through the institutions” The Left has gained a great level of control in media, education, Tech, entertainment & government.

The bastions of Marxist thought were and still are in the universities, and the University Presses disseminate and legitimize the new theories of Equality, Grievance Studies & Radical Feminism. They gained control of the media by dominating enrollment and the curriculums, and Affirmative Action injected them into business and entertainment. This has been going on for decades with hardly a mention from the established order, and anyone who did notice was ridiculed, called names, ostracized and designated as a conspiracist. Of course, during the infestation, few would acknowledge they were Marxist sympathizers, so they called themselves Progressives, Feminists & Environmentalists. Now their power is so great that even the dreaded word “Communism” is again being espoused and championed. The Cold War may have been won but the war for hearts & minds is being lost.


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