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693 Traditional Roles


Traditional male/female roles weren’t accidental, and they weren’t society imposed. If men & women were stranded on a desert island, the same roles would soon emerge because they’re evolutionary. When someone slams their car door into my car, I'm the one in our family best equipped to handle it. If the lawn doesn't get mowed, that's my responsibility; but when the children are wailing, my wife can best deal with the situation; and if someone needs a Get Well card, that's her. It's not like either of us couldn't switch roles on a moment's notice, it's simply easier and more comfortable to do what you're good at, so most of the traditional family roles have little downside, and no one is involuntarily exploited.

However, girls have been indoctrinated to break the traditional mold since the previous social revolution in the middle of the last century, and combined with the subtle suppression of boys, feminists are attempting a complete reversal of the power dynamic. Preventing anyone from having candy unless everyone can has gradually creeped into promoting activities that empower girls at boys' detriment. Modern society, with the push towards equality and the co-opting of male violence via democracy, is artificial, an aberration in history, and cannot be expected to continue without backlash, which is only now beginning.


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