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692 Unaware OWGs


Older White men, “Old White Guys” or OWGs in the vernacular, are the focus of much of the hostility of the new Left, but they don't seem to know it, or don't understand the ramifications of their lack of action and virtual capitulation. OWGs are still in the mindset that The Left's violation of the unspoken rules: basic courtesy, benefit of the doubt, and respect for others; is hypocrisy and not the total social upheaval that it really is. OWGs lack the recognition that this is a social war, and that there are no rules.

Women, minorities & weirdos have never had it so good and they're going to continue with the plan that's been successful so far, which is to demonize masculinity, The Patriarchy, and anything else that gives men an advantage. They already control education, entertainment, media, and government, and have infiltrated business by subverting the concept of Human Resources to restrict job access of White males and give precedence to applicants sympathetic to their cause. Women are now in extremely leveraged positions of power after decades of these preferential hiring practices, and have used Political Correctness to keep anyone from saying anything about what's been happening. When OWGs finally do recognize what's up, it's unclear what they can do to fight back: Lefty politics appeals to the narcissism of entertainers; Tech thinks they're elite and special; media has been co-opted; and where's the plan to break up public education?


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