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688 Attack on The Patriarchy


The Patriarchy is the concepts of liberty, meritocracy & patriotism that used to be the foundation of American values but, unfortunately, favors a minority of the population. The rest should be expected to try and change things for their benefit, and they've been doing so for a century, with slowly accumulating results. For example, it took decades for women, minorities & Socialists to get control of the institutions of propaganda: government, entertainment, education, Tech & media; and they're not going to walk away just because they've finally been noticed, and certainly not when there is still no counter-attack from those they intend to overthrow.

The plan was obviously longterm and coordinated. It's instigators were already in place because Marxists didn't go anywhere just because the Soviet Union fell. First they got control of education. Next, Hollywood had long been a hotbed of Collectivist sentiment so a little sanctimonious encouragement resulted in their full capitulation. Tech was a matter of strategically spending money and manipulating the Boards of Directors and Human Resources departments. Government jobs are by definition socialist, as are their Welfare clients, and democracies naturally tend in that direction. The biggest coup was buying up the media outlets and flooding the airwaves with propaganda intended to indoctrinate the population and discourage any organization of a counter-revolution. All during this time, The Patriarchy didn't notice because they have been focused on making more money.


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