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687 Indoctrination


The single biggest cause of today's social revolution is that the indoctrination has changed; education, entertainment, and the media are all promoting a new set of values; ones that are incompatible with those previous. Since children have yet to form opinions, the first one they hear from an authority figure is the one they will probably adopt throughout life because changing someone's opinion verges on impossible. The places where children hear the most opinions is home, church, school & television. Indoctrination at home and church is considered acceptable, but there has always been concern about school and media. School is especially virulent because public education is a monopoly with little parental influence, and media has been totally compromised by those who seek power & control for themselves.

It all starts in the schools: students may teach themselves art, math & science, but they learn ideology from their surroundings; a constant undermining of the ideals of liberty, meritocracy & patriotism. Since education is primarily feminine, the current indoctrination is overturning these patriarchal values of the past and supplanting them with their own. Students are forced to behave as women want them to: traditional male attitudes are swiftly chastised, even punished; inclusiveness is the goal rather than excellence; and thoughts that do not conform to the collectivist narrative are discouraged. It's clear that regaining indoctrination control is paramount because those who control the indoctrination control everything.


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