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685 Philosophy Concepts


We have to review philosophy often or it slips away:

  1. Most famous philosophers simply got it wrong.

  2. The more you know about Plato, the less you like him.

  3. Nietzsche's human insight is only exceeded by the difficulty spelling his name.

  4. The contradictions of Western ideology can best be explained with the concept of Slave Morality.

  5. Deductive Reasoning requires knowledge to find the truth of things, and Inductive Reasoning gets the process started.

  6. Many people may have no value rationally speaking, but liberty speaking they do.

  7. Liberty requires that you allow other people to live as they please, and that they do the same for you.

  8. Whatever peace is, it seems likely this is it.

  9. However strong the social stricture against it, torture will be employed if the need is great enough.

  10. The philosophy of philosophy is that anyone can be a philosopher.

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