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686 Changing Times


The last time the world changed like it is now was in the 1960s; it was called the Generation Gap, and occurred because American prosperity allowed children to be raised, not as additional workers to help support the family, but with personal autonomy, the impetus for them to make decisions for themselves and freedom from the harsh authority of parents. As they grew, they rebelled completely from the norms established back when subsistence wasn't assured and force-of-arms ruled the world. We went from a paternalistic society to a much more liberal one where people were encouraged to think and act outside of established expectations.

Those times are happening again for the same reason: children have been given even more freedom and autonomy, so-much-so that the basic customs, values & traditions of Western society are being challenged. This time the gap is not so much generational as it is a total reversal of all things once considered settled: race, sex, economics. Because this revolution is so profound and so consuming, older people suspect it's organized by some outside force bent on destroying America; but a simpler explanation is that, just like the last social revolution, the half of the population that has not traditionally held power is attempting to doing so, and our connected society, Social Media in particular, has given them the organization to try.


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