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682 Peace


What does peace look like? Heaven? Something from a fiction story where people dress suspiciously like the Amish? Defining peace certainly isn't as simple as not being at war; which brings up the question of what is the opposite of peace? Obviously, peace is a subjective term; other people either have a different concept of peace, or a different threshold. From a practical pov, the world is mostly at peace now, but it's easy to find someone to argue the point with, even though the irony of sipping over-priced coffee using student loan money seems to be lost on them.

People sometimes talk about a philosophy of Peace but the concept is easily debunked the first time they get punched in the face. Ghandi is often brought up as an example of peace, but if that's the trade-off, most people would want to be left out of Peaceland; all those undernourished, half-dressed guys lose more Peaceniks than they gain. Really, in a historical context, peace now is as good as it's ever been, and it will probably get peacier in the future: think 50 years, because when viewed in half-century increments, a millennium from now we may just achieve heaven on earth like they talk about in the fiction stories.


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