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681 Live & Let Live


Philosophically speaking, the concept of live & let live is highly controversial. As liberty-indoctrinated Americans, it may seem instinctual, but a lot of people have not had this refrain drilled into them, so they have no problem telling other people how to live; it's getting to be more-and-more, live-as-I-live. In a Liberty society, we don't have to like each other, we don't even have to respect each other, we only need to have a treaty to leave each other alone, to live & let live, in an alliance only when necessary.

Live & let live also applies outside the realm of humans; for example, why shouldn't wolves run free? If they're not hurting anybody then let them; if they kill livestock then recompense the owners. Only in the extreme circumstance where wild animals are not letting people live must their lives be forfeit. In fact, all creatures should be let live, even inanimate objects, even esoteric concepts like wilderness, solitude and ideas. The very nature of conservation and conservatism rests on a universal live & let live attitude.


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