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676 Plato


Philosophers have an insidious impact on the world; for example, the most famous Western philosopher, Plato, is the inspiration of Marxism. His self-serving suggestion is that government should be by a philosopher-king, and his platform includes infanticide to prevent overpopulation, death to those who deny the omniscience of the State, belief that only philosophers, himself in particular, have clarity on The Truth, from those according to their ability to those according to their need, control of art, children are wards of the State without knowledge of their parents, selective breeding, no private property, wealth equality, and the State determines the careers of every member of society. Yikes.


Plato was also a mystic: he taught that there is a place we all come from before birth that knows the perfect truth, both knowledge & morality, but we can only vaguely remember, and our search for truth is actually fully remembering. Yikes. However, Plato's most famous pupil, Aristotle, a philosopher that had even more impact on historical and modern ideologies, suggested that truth must be discovered through scientific investigation. Thank goodness for Aristotle or we'd be at the mercy of Plato.


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