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673 Mountain Metaphor


Here's a personal observation that probably doesn't apply to anyone else so take my word for it. Achievements are like climbing a mountain; each step up giving you a better view of from whence you came. After each accomplishment, I thought I might be high enough above the valley to look down and make sense of life, but in actuality, every time I got to the top, I could see higher mountains in the distance, so I pursued those mountains. It seemed unlikely I would ever get to the top of all the mountains... But I did.

From where I am now, I don't see anything higher. There are lots of valleys below that are dark and impenetrable but nothing seems unexplainable, even life itself. Unfortunately, this understanding, this enlightenment so to speak, has sapped my optimism because my myths and delusions have been undermined. I wanted there to be order but there is only chaos, which is obviously why enlightened people delve into mysticism. Now I'm hoping the clouds above me conceal another higher mountain, and I can climb that one and maybe make more sense from there, which means there's at least a wee bit of optimism remaining.


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