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648 Psychopaths


A psychopath is unaware of the injury they inflict, or in the extreme case, their pleasure centers are triggered instead, motivating the psychopath to more heinous crimes. Psychopathy is corporeal in nature, meaning it's not due to a cognitive process; through some kind of maldevelopment or injury, the part of the brain, the Frontal lobe, that empathizes with the plights of others no longer operates. Liberty's greatest weakness is that it requires other people to act responsibly, which psychopaths do not.

Unless there is some kind of medical breakthrough, society must be protected from psychopaths, but housing psychopaths in prisons for their entire lives is expensive; execution is out of the question because psychopaths have their own liberty; an “Escape From New York” scenario, where psychopaths are thrown together on an island is appealing but fantasy. If people are in fear of strangers, they cannot be free, so identifying psychopaths early is important for a liberal nation, but that can difficult because psychopaths learn to hide their proclivities. Unfortunately, at least one person in every large group is a psychopath: those are scary odds, and justification enough for The Second Amendment.


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