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666 NOT Advice


It seems unfair that most of the homilies we are taught as children simply aren’t true; it’s part of the fantasy of childhood that, hopefully, adults mature out of. We would all like to think that the world is a better place than it is, and you can't make it that way if you don't know what's wrong. If you haven't discovered what's not the truth yet, let me tell you, but pay careful attention because, like all not advice, people tend to ignore it, especially if it doesn't match the accepted narrative.

Starting out with one of the biggest lies: you do NOT have to spend money to make money. Along those same lines, if you build it, they will NOT come. Continuing: people do NOT get what they deserve; do NOT buy a dog to keep you company; life is a NOT a meritocracy; people do NOT do-the-right-thing; we are NOT all in this together; honesty is NOT the best policy; do NOT “pay it forward;” everyone does NOT love a comedian; and you are NOT unique & special. Even though all of these NOTs are hard truths, take my advice, or not.


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